A review on the Singapore Airlines Airbus A380

An updated post for the Airbus A380 since I get to ride on it for the 2nd (thrice in return flights) time in 3 years

Last September 2008, SIA launched their Airbus A380 to Tokyo and guess what, I’m lucky enough to get to go to Tokyo again this December 08 on the S’pore’s Airbus A380. Lots of improvement on the in-flight entertainment system with a power supply for each seatings (economy, business and suite class). Laptops could be charged for working or gaming without the need to worry about power shortage. You can also charge your HP or other stuff as well. From far, the A380 looks like any other aircraft but when u get into it, whoa..it’s huge..double decker aircraft with very wide wingspan. Here’s some of the photos of the exterior and interior (2008 and of coz 2010!) of the A380/

A view from the Changi Airport Terminal 2 in the year 2008

A little closeup..sorry for the ‘noise’

The Airbus A380 at Narita International Airport (2010)

Look at the huge wings

Xmas Decoration in the year 2008

The Suite class of the flight..bed rooms inside..cool eh..just got the chance to glance through

Kickass Business Class of the Airbus A380 in Singapore Airlines. It’s just like First class seats..
I believe that sooner or later I will get to experience the S’pore Airlines Business Class for free

It’s morning in the year 2008 and here’s the seating configuration of the economy class A380…it’s 3-4-3 per row in the main deck


if you take the stairs behind to the upper deck….

The upper deck sitting of 2-4-2 configuration

A compartment for you to keep some your stuff netbooks etc…only available at the window seat upper deck

A breathtaking view of the clouds during sunrise

The in-flight entertainment system..wider screen

with a cup holder, no more hassles of opening up the ‘table’

The new joystick

Behind this one is the mini keyboard for working

An audio jack, a usb port and LAN port..mind you that this is seriously fun..you can watch your own movies, listening to your own musics and viewing your own photos from your usb drive on the inflight entertainment system. You can also work on the system which has a similiar microsoft office software (sun microsystem) such as word, powerpoint, excel etc). No one’s using the audio jack..but the LAN is for future internet connection..well I’ve heard that S’pore airlines are trying to get an ISP for wireless LAN internet in the future..which means surfing the net on the airplane..sounds cool eh.

Of coz, this is what every busy/fun traveler needs, an electrical power point..you need an adapter, so remember to get one before you fly on the new airbus A380.

The toilet’s cool as well
The toilet/basin..looks like a hotel

You can adjust the temperature by just touching on the red or blue button..you don’t press it, you just touch it…cool tech

That’s all for the latest updates on the Airbus A380 review.

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  1. millymin

    Arghhhh! You and your A380!
    and the SWEAT-EST part was the Xmas Deco!! YOu even brought your camera into the toilet!! =.=

    OMG lahhhh!!
    I am going Sg on Christmas eve!~