Accommodations Review: Skyspa Yokohama

On the miracle and eventful year of 2011, I finally get to visit Japan for the 7th time in 5 years. For the very first time, I took Air Asia to Japan since the landing airport is at Haneda International Airport which makes it convenient for me. Since the only available flight from KLIA-LCCT takes-off from afternoon, I arrived at Haneda International Airport at about 10.00pm Japan time. Due to night time arrival, I was unable to check in to the university hostels, thus, my Japanese Professor recommended me to stay in a nearby capsule hotel for a night which is the Skyspa Yokohama.
Types of Capsule Hotel
Yokohama Skyspa offers two types of capsule bed, the ‘side loading’ and the ‘front loading’

I was excited at for the first experience however, the room is not spacious at all.  This is the size of the ‘room’ as you have seen here and should perceive. All the hypes about capsule hotels, a claustrophobic person should avoid any capsule hotel. Facilities in each ‘room’ includes LCD TV and radio with some adult video channels.

The highlights about Skyspa capsule hotel was the free oxygen therapy for better sleeping quality

Huge public area with individual TV screens whereby you can get to choose your own movie channel.

My Review:

Available room type: Capsule type hotel
Price: Starting from approx. 3000 yen (cheaper price if reservation is made through their website at
Location: Strategic location at Yokohama Station
Amenities: No free wifi but there are small common area for internet surfing, common room for rest, free drinking water but no free drinks such as coffee and tea. The oxygen therapy is da ‘bomb’!
Open bath (銭湯): Great spacious open bath area. This place is highly recommended for those who wanted an open bath relaxation. Bathing materials (towels, shower cream, shavers etc are provided free of charge). But not for non-Japanese who are not used to getting naked around other people.
Fun: Staff are polite and friendly but too formal.
This capsule is suitable for business-like person who wish for an affordable stay with quiet atmosphere and relaxation. Other than that, according to Japanese working culture, those who have worked until late night and thus missed the last train of the day will overnight in this hotel and continue their work the next day.

20 thoughts on “Accommodations Review: Skyspa Yokohama

  1. aalia

    Aalia is famous for its wonderfully designed interiors and exteriors. The constructional aspect of the resort is highly conspicuous and thus, attracts many tourists who plan to visit Haridwar. Moreover, Aalia’s luxury Accommodation is beyond imagination. It’s a must try resort.


    wow… amazing, but looks a lil scary to be trapped in a small space and all covered up! I think i would opt for the side bed! hehe..

  3. Diana Diane Teo

    Before I’m going to Japan in 2010, I thought my friend and I are going to stay in this capsule hotel. I was so worry because it is quite dangerous for gal but when think back, this is what Japan famous for. Should try at least once. Can’t wait for you to review on other capsule hotel. So good you been Japan many times. Hope I can go again =D

  4. Diana Diane Teo

    Oh ya! I almost forgot. Thank you so much for leave comment on my blog and youtube too. I saw that. The result haven’t out yet but what I glad the most is having your support. A big thanks to you. Arigato!

  5. Daphne Michaels

    Wow! Staying in a capsule hotel is a different kind of experience. Though the capsule wasn’t very spacious, I can see that it is still a very relaxing place. I like the oxygen treatment and the individual TV screens, which are very unusual to see in a hotel.

  6. Danny

    Indeed, a good deal. Capsule hotels are appropriate for travelling businessmen who are looking for affordable overnight amenities. These hotels started in Osaka, Japan by Kisho Noriaki Kurakawa, who is an architectural student in Kyoto University.

    Danny Riddell