Airasia X Premium Flatbed Experience by Optiontown

During my trip back from Taiwan which was an overnight flight of approximately 5 hours, I decided to purchase the Airasia X Premium Flatbed as I need a proper rest for next day’s work. Thus my dream of flying Business Class in a long haul flight came true at last. 

the premium flatbed is equipped with fully 100%, a pillow and a blanket 

A small LED reading lamp is provided for night flight
Electrical socket is also provided for laptop or charging your phones
The flat bed can be controlled into 3 automatically preset position or you can adjust manually according to your own comfort

No Airasia flight is complete without the Complete Pak Nasser’s Nasi Lemak with condiments, chocolate cake as a dessert and an apple box drink 😀
The premium flatbed is definitely very comfortable and is highly recommended especially for an overnight flight. Most of you were thinking that I was rich enough to pay for the Airasia Premium Flatbed seat even though the price is not as expensive as any Business Class of a premium airlines. What I did was I ‘gambled’ through Optiontown and I paid 75% off for the upgrade. 
I am sure that upon confirmation of your Airasia X flight, you will receive a combination of Airasia X and Optiontown email. Optiontown partners with Airasia X in offering Premium Flatbed upgrade and Empty Seats options.

Upon payment made, you will see the ‘Upgrade Decision Pending’, an email will be sent to you requesting you not to check-in online until confirmation of the upgrade decision is made. 

I paid a total of RM125 (refundable) + RM5 (non-refundable fees) for a one way Premium Flatbed Upgrade and to my surprised, I have managed to get the upgrade accepted. 

I did try applying for the ‘Empty Seat Option’ however it has been rejected due to full passengers on the flight. Thus the amount of money paid will be fully refunded except for the RM5 which is a registration aka processing fees. That is what I meant as ‘gamble’ but there is no harm trying out.
I would really recommend optiontown for seat upgrade since it is very cheap and affordable to score a business class seat in Airasia. Good luck in trying!

25 thoughts on “Airasia X Premium Flatbed Experience by Optiontown

  1. Diana Diane Teo

    I never knew there is electrical socket for premium flatbed. Maybe I should try gambling to in case taking AirAsia X in future. By the way, I don’t quite understand is the 75% off. How this amount being charged? Is it 75% from the original fare you bought?

    1. hcvvorld of Travels and Photography

      Hi Shirley, Yep it is a good bargain and good ‘gamble’. Well only Air Asia X seem interesting to me. I have not flown on the normal AA for quite sometime already. trying my best not to try it ever as their price (excluding promo or buying the ticket 1 year earlier) is more or less the same and sometimes more expensive than premium airlines.

  2. Max

    hi hvcworld,

    In the photos, I saw your ESo was not successful. Have you get your refund back for that?

    I already booked UTo for 2 passengers & want to book another UTo for another passenger but after read few feedback on the refund, it made me worry.

  3. Max

    Thank you for the reply.

    Let say if the upgrade is successful & they sent me the confirmation e-mail, do we need to tell / call AirAsia X about it? I just worry that AirAsia X didn’t update their data.

  4. apambalik

    Hi, do u remember how many hour before departure they inform you?
    Im having dilemma here as I need to check in 40kg for my Nepal trip in Oct.
    and how can I purchase the balance 15kg if im entitle for the upgrade?

    it mention that they will notify 4 hours b4 departure, it will be a big gamble for me as im already on my way to airport with all my luggages..and in the event of i didnt get the upgrade what shld i do with my luggages -__-

  5. Anonymous

    Bro..macam gamble berjaya aje. Hehe. Macam nak cube tapi tgk review teruk sangat sampai pay back to amik masa berbulan-bulan. Flight saye nak gi Nagoya on August so nk tryla nak premium ke empty seat ke. Luas sikit. So if buat benda ni, takleh self check in ek? Jap, andaikata kalau tak dpt seat ni, yg gamble ni, makna nnt kite akan di assign ke seating main sedap die la ek? Tq so much for sharing bro.

  6. Anonymous

    Hi there,

    I understand that the Optiontown’s seat upgrade will inform the passenger within 1-3 days before the flight whether the upgrade is successful or not. In your case, when did you receive the email that the seat upgrade was successful?

    Thanks for sharing.

    1. hcvvorld of Travels, Lifestyle and Photography

      Hi Jon, Thanks a lot for your enquiry. it’s not 1-3 days…the latest will be about 4 hours before departure…you have got to wait until the confirmation. in that case DO NOT perform online check-in until you have received the confirmation. I did mention above in my blog 😀 good luck…

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