Emirates Airlines Flight Review

It’s been a year since I got to fly on non-budget airlines and now I got to fly again back to Pretoria, South Africa for a short term assignment. After hearing numerous rave reviews about Emirates Airlines, I have decided (with some luck) to fly on Emirates Airlines for the first time.  this is yet my another first experience flying on Emirates Airlines. As a small introduction, Emirates Airlines is an airline based at Dubai International Airport in Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
My flight transit at Dubai International Airport for nearly 24 hours before departing on the next day to Johannesburg and therefore I have managed to fly on two different Boeing 777 aircrafts even though I had hope for an Airbus A380. Well no complains as I have flown several times on the Singarore Airlines’ A380.
The Boeing 777 docked at Kuala Lumpur International Airlines (KLIA)

To begin with the review, as usual, I will be showing my readers the seat configuration of the Emirates Airlines economy class.
The usual 3-4-3 seat configuration for KL-Dubai flight with older entertainment system
The newly refurbished Boeing 777 flight for Dubai – Johannesburg with the same 3-4-3 configuration
As this is a long haul flight with at least 7 hours of flight per transit, I will always check out what the entertainment system and amenities have to offer. As I have mentioned before, since my flight requires 1 connecting flight to Johannesburg, I managed to experience two types of entertainment system.
From Kuala Lumpur to Dubai
For this flight, the economy seat at Boeing 777 offers the award winning ICE in flight entertainment system with plenty of latest movies and shows on the conventional 13 inches screen.
Apart from some of AirAsia X Airbus A320 and Singapore airlines’ very A380, I have never expect for a USB port in Boeing 777’s economy seat together with power supply point. That is really a surprise for me.
the joypad with keyboard is included should you have the need to get your work done
Dubai to Johannesburg flight
The screen is the largest so far I have ever seen in an economy class seat with a whopping 14 inches screen in this refurbished Boeing 777 aircraft. Together with the entertainment system is the USB port and power supply point.
not to forget yet another surprise for me is the PSP-like joypad for smaller interface but without keyword for work..perhaps with virtual keyboard?
was it me or it has been on standard airlines for quite sometime? even if there is no internet, you get to send emails with a price of USD2 per email. The price is not bad for such convenience from the sky
Following entertainment and amenities review, here comes the food review which everyone have been waiting for.
From Kuala Lumpur to Dubai
The main course dinner, ‘Traditional chicken kurma’ with macaroni, bread and cake
Mixed sandwiches with chicken tandoori is served as supper
From Dubai to Johannesburg
Lunch is served with mutton curry as main course with salad and desert
Supper is served with chicken fajita and a muffin
general snacks of orange juice and assorted nuts from time to time is served or you can asked for cup noodle
apart from food and entertainment system, the starry night  aircraft ceiling is to be commended. as part of the Emirates effort to increase good feeling and experience during night flight
if you happened to have a long transit in Dubai, be sure to enquire your travel agent if you get to sleep in a hotel for free and also get lunch or dinner coupon. For this case I have managed to obtain a coupon for buffet lunch at the Emirates lounge for free
For this flight experience, I would like to personally rate Emirates airlines for 4 out of 5 in total with special mention on the in flight entertainment system. They really deserve an award even though the food is just above average. With an extremely value for money flight, the food at the Emirates lounge deserves high rating as I really enjoyed the atmosphere with relaxing mood for lunch.
With all the amenities, Emirates Airlines really deserves the title of “Airline of the Year” for 2011. The award has been given based on recognition of its commitment to safety and operational excellence, customer service trendsetters, financial condition including a 22-year consecutive annual profit. I really hope that they can achieve 5 star status in the future and with hope I will be able to experience and fly on the Business Class soon.

6 thoughts on “Emirates Airlines Flight Review

  1. Chin Heng

    Emirates hardware is at the top, no doubt about it. But their products are not consistent, especially when you get their older planes which have weird seats that somehow pushes up your thigh area once you sit down.

    Service wise, there is still a lot of improvement required. Not so friendly in my opinion and polite as compared to airlines from Asia

  2. Shirley Tay

    I’ve heard a lot about Emirates but have yet to try; usually stick to SQ as I’m their die-hard fan. I’ve also posted something on my flight from TYO to SIN. It’s good reading yours too 🙂