Enjoying Jasmine Garden Dim Sum in Hong Kong

Many said that visiting Hong Kong without having a single indulge at dim sum cuisine equals to not been to Hong Kong at all. Yes I agree with that statement. Hong Kong people have dim sum for breakfast as well as lunch and even brunch. You could see many people queueing up to enter any good dim sum restaurant. 

Teo chew dumpling aka Chiu chao fan guo, is a steamed dumpling with pork, shrimp, and peanuts
I had this lucky opportunity to be brought to one of the best dim sum restaurant in Mong Kok city by my cousin brother. He is also one of the chef in Jasmine Garden Dim Sum restaurant.

Based on my experience in Hong Kong, table setting in most dim sum outlet offers you a premium restaurant atmosphere with air conditioner unlike the ‘stall and hawker’ setting in Malaysia. 

Lucky to be the first to hit the restaurant early in the morning before our flight back to Penang
Menus are provided at each table with various dim sum cuisine selections. 

a less conventional western tea cup in Jasmine Garden Dim Sum Restaurant 
Unlike the ‘mass production’style in Malaysia dim sum restaurant. Each dim sum selection is prepared separately hot and fresh for you indulgence. 
according to my relative, one of the must have is the Fung zao, fried steamed chicken feet in a sweet and savoury sauce flavuored with fermented soy beans
ordering chee cheong fun is also a must in Hong Kong. There are many types of Chee Cheong Fun flavor to be selected and ordered such as shrimp, char siew etc. Since I have had shrimp chee cheong fun before, I ordered the char siew version
Oyster porridge and youtiao, totally different from any conventional porridge available in Malaysia dim sum outlet, 
Shumai or siew mai including har kow (wrapped with huge shrimps) is one of the most traditional dim sum dish 

Other dishes to be ordered include egg tart and lai wong pau (delicious yellow custard-filled buns) in any dim sum restaurant in Hong Kong. Average cost for a ‘dim sum session’ for four person is about HKD300 (approx. MYR120).

Address: Shop 35, Level 3, Langham Place, 8 Argyle Street, Mong Kok (search for Langham Place shopping complex)

Tel: +852 35425768

4 thoughts on “Enjoying Jasmine Garden Dim Sum in Hong Kong

  1. Diana Diane Teo

    Wow! Siok lah have a cousin who is a chef. Can always eat nice foods. When I went HK with my bf, almost every morning we had dim sum until I totally surrender. I love dim sum but if had everyday, cannot lah. But now I feels like wanna fly back to Hk just for their delicious dim sum xP