FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil FanFest Experience

It was a miracle as well as blessing for me to be in Brazil at the correct place and correct time. Yes, Brazil hosted the greatest show on Earth, the World Cup 2014 Football Tournament. Despite the ridiculously expensive tickets for each match, I could still enjoy the world cup season at the FIFA fanfest. Rio de Janeiro, the city I was staying at that time was one of many venues for the fan fest which took place at the famous Copacabana Beach. 

The main entrance to the Fan Fest
You will be greeted and welcomed by Brazillian Soccer Star Neymar Junior and Spanish Soccer Star Gerard Pique
Surprisingly, there were also theme park rides at the fan fest.  
 Left: Taking selfie with a gigantic Coca Cola ‘Bottle’ shaped by hundreds of Coca Cola cans. 
Right: Trying to appear on youtube holding the World Cup replica.
from far the large LED screen that will be showing live matches 
and I have managed to get myself. Spot me! 😀
Great and lively perfomance by local Brazillian band, The Brazil Block or better known locally as Bloco Brasil

Cosplay Brazillian Spiderman spotted!

 Party and Dancing Everywhere prior the match between Brazil and Germany

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