Fly Thai Airways: As Smooth As Silk

The first time I flew with Thai Airways was 7 years ago in the year 2007 to Tokyo, Japan followed by my flight back to Penang, Malaysia after my graduation in Bangkok in the following year. It was a mixed experience then at that time with pleasant and delayed flight. Nevertheless, I wish for another flight experience with Thai Airways and here we are, flight to Bangkok and Franfurt in a shared air-code flight with Lufthansa airlines as the Star Alliance Partnership. 

Short Haul International Flight
The return flight from Penang to Bangkok on Thai Airways used the Boeing 737-400. I was very delighted to be on plane with bright, colorful and comfortable seat

Recaro Seats

Premium Recaro seats are offered in the Boeing 737-400 in both Business and Economy classes.

Recaro seats gave me one of the best economy class seating comfort in terms of low seat-recline and comfortable leg-space.
In-Flight Food
Penang-Thai flight was served with sandwiches, fruits and juices. By the duration of the flight which was 1.5 hours, the amount of the food served was considered sufficient. The sandwiches were quite tasty I would say.
Bangkok-Penang flight served the same sandwiches as Penang-Bangkok bound flight except for the fruits were replaced by a traditional Thai dessert and fruit juice.
Thai Airways is also the first Asia-Pacific airline to join IATA passenger carbon offset programme. This green initiative was kickstarted by serving low carbon dishes such as chicken in green curry and Massaman curry. If you prefer green airlines, Thai Airways is the way to go.
Long Haul International Flight
Franfurt – Bangkok
This flight was a little emotional as it departed 1 hour after the mayhem of MH17 in Ukraine. The cabin attendant told us that they would be taking a different route due to the incident.
Airbus A340-600 was used for Franfurt-Bangkok TG923 flight.
The seat configuration of Airbus A340-600 offers a 2-4-2 economy class seating configuration with yet bright and colorful seats.
 In-flight Entertainment System
The in-flight entertainment system was an old system with an eight inches screen. Nevertheless, the movies offered were of latest blockbusters which were necessary for a 13 hours flight.

The joystick was an old model without the keyboard but it functioned well without any problems

In-seat power outlet is also available in the economy class cabin for this flight for charging your smartphones and laptops.
 In-flight meal
Peanut and orange juice were served as starter snacks before the main course meal.
The first course in-flight meal offered fruits cocktail, yoghurt, bread, herb omelette, hash brown, poultry sausage.
The second course in-flight lunch was served with zucchini garlic, deep-fried rissole potatoes, brussels, sprouts, ham, bread, and cheesecake.

Overall, the short haul flight was very comfortable with the state of the art Recaro seat. That was my best ever short haul flight. The 13 hours long haul flight from Franfurt to Bangkok was a comfortable as smooth as silk flight but could be improved on the seat reclination (would be great if can be refurbished to Recaro seats 😀 ). Both short and long haul economic in-flight meals were excellent in terms of taste and amount.

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  1. iwan360°

    Aku dah pernah fly dengan Thai, B737-400 & A300-600 several times. Penang-Bangkok-Chiangmai-Bangkok-Penang & Penang-Bangkok-Vientianne-Bangkok-Penang. Bright colourful cabin.. makanan tak best sgt.. hehe

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