Frankfurt in 7 hours

Ever wondered what can you do in Frankfurt during long transit hours? Do not waste your time in the airport. Visiting and sightseeing around Frankfurt is relatively easy. First and foremost, purchase a day trip ticket for 8 Euros. Hop onto the S-Bahn train S8 headed to Hanau or the S9 headed to Offenbach Ost.First recommended itinerary, will be at the ‘Taunusanlage’ station which will take only 10 minutes from the Frankfurt international airport.

a) Main Tower

From ‘Taunusanlage’ Station, we shall start with a visit to the Main Tower. The Main Tower is a suitable place to have an overview of the financial city of Frankfurt. The entrance fee cost Euro 6.50.

b) Alte Opera (Old Opera)



Next stop, explore the Opera Square and visit the Alte Opera. Alte Opera is a concert hall and former opera house.
c) Shopping
Especially during the summer, there were huge sales. For a Zara T-shirt, it costs only about 15 Euros (USD20) which is extremely cheap. Shop till you drop in Frankfurt.
d) St. Catherine’s Church
Majestically pipe organ stood at the entrance of the church
St. Catherine’s an old church which was situated behind the Hauptwache Guardhouse cafe. This church which was built in the 17th century is the largest Lutheran church in Frankfurt am Main.
e) Dine at Hauptwache Cafe
Situated adjacent to the St. Catherine’s Church, the Hauptwache Cafe was originally a military HQ in the year 1730 when Frankfurt was still an independent state.
Do try out the traditional dish which was the ‘Frankfurt Harzer Cheese’ and my all time favourite, the mash potato. 😀
f) Try your luck at Franfurt International Airport Casino
Upon returning to the airport, you may want to try your luck at the casino in the Frankfurt International Airport or even take a refreshing shower for only 7 Euros.
This itinerary cost me less than 50 Euros.

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