Hostel Review: Lianlian Templeside Hutong Guesthouse

During my trip to Beijing, part of my wonderful stay was in this wonderful guesthouse in the heart of Beijing. A guesthouse run by a family with two young and friendly English speaking receptionist, the Lianlian Templeside Hutong Guesthouse is highly recommended for backpackers and seasoned traveler. Starting from about USD10 per night for mixed dorm bedroom, it’s one of the most affordable guesthouse I’ve ever been. No free breakfast will be provided, however one can order some continental breakfast. As you enter the guesthouse, you will experience the ancient atmosphere. In fact, this guesthouse was dated back to the dynasty period (sorry I am not sure about the dates) and was claimed that this house was a residential place of a the leaders of ancient China.

The entrance to the Hostel was really like what you have seen on Chinese periodical movie or drama.



There are many ‘hutongs’ around Beijing. Hutong means old streets of China. The hutong of An Ping is which the hostel is situated at.


and here we go.. inside the hostel, fancy those decorations of red lanterns, bamboo chairs and the oriental experience


The courtyard with red lanterns gives u the priceless experience of staying in the sub urban area of Beijing.

a rooftop area for relaxation and tea drinking activity

A rooftop area for relaxation and tea drinking activity

Under a shady tree with overlooking old rooftops..priceless experience

Under a shady tree with overlooking old rooftops..priceless experience

The beds provided were simple bed but it’s very comfortable and gave you a good night sleep. Besides, wifi and internet services are also provided free of charge with 24 hours security. Very affordable travel packages could also be planned and prepared by the receptionist. It is peacefully hidden behind busy streets, with beautiful garden courtyard, sunny and clean rooms, strategic city center location. Besides, the most important is the safety level around the vicinity.

The location is a little far from the subway station of Xisi or Fuchengmen of approximately 15 minutes walk plus searching for the location for the very first time was challenging. To make reservations, you could visit the Hostelworld website.


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  1. lechua

    hiya. i have been doing some research on planning a trip to beijing. would really like to see the hutongs too and of course the great wall and other attractions. do u happen to know any reliable private day tours with english speaking guide? of did u go around on ur own?

  2. Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@

    Jfook: what do you mean by wife? hehe
    cinta: was fantastic..thanx 😀
    Louis: yea!!! HK
    lechua..thanx for your visit again..the explanation in your website comment 😀

    Chris:yea yea..that’s true..that’s what makes me wanna travel more

  3. Muse

    Hongito amazingggggggg.
    I loved it so much. I wish I go there one day. Arigatouuu!!! 🙂

  4. jam

    Nice one, especially its location inside the hutong. I always stay in guesthouse or hostel wherever I go traveling.