IMAX ® 3D at TGV Cinemas: The Ultimate Movie Experience


Ever wondered what is an ideal movie experience? Complete Hi-fi system with Ultra HD TV in a sound proof room? In a cinema with high bass explosive sound system? Well I guess, I would go for the IMAX ® technology equipped only available in TGV Cinemas, Malaysia. Some of you might be wondering what is this IMAX ® or what the heck is IMAX ®? Well for starters, IMAX is an acronym for Image maximum which is a motion picture film format with the capacity to record and display images in greater size and resolution. Think ‘point-and-shoot camera’ versus the Full Frame DSLR.

Picture Quality

Left: Point and Shoot Camera, Right: DSLR camera (Source:

The screen of IMAX is even bigger and provides far more detailed ultra realistic pictures compared to the standard format. The DMR (Digital Media Remastering) technology fully transforms every frame of a film to produce the best picture quality which is as close to reality as you have ever experienced.

IMAX vs Standard Format

The IMAX ® room in TGV Cinema, Gurney Paragon, Penang.

Sound System of IMAX ®

Ultimate picture quality of IMAX is accompanied by the state of the art sound system. Every loudspeaker is laser-aligned to deliver accurate sound, pitch perfect with heart pounding digital audio. It is so accurate that you could literally pin-point the location of a pin-drop sound.

Highest Resolution 3D Quality


A 3D glass to complement 3D movies in IMAX ®. Every single 3 Dimensional details are extremely crispy even for live action movies.

Watch X-Men Apocalype in IMAX ® Technology at TGV Cinemas.

For a frequent movie go-er like me, watching the latest blockbuster movie will never be complete without indulging them in IMAX ® Technology. In Malaysia, only TGV cinemas are equipped with the ultimate movie experience technology.



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The best way to experience IMAX ® is simply by watching one of TGV’s movies in an IMAX ® theatre. I guess all those reasons given are more than enough to convince you to head to the nearest TGV cinemas and grab the latest IMAX ® Movie Tickets starting from only RM24.00. IMAX® is only available in TGV Gurney Paragon, TGV Tebrau, TGV 1 UTAMA, and TGV Sunway Pyramid. For more information, please visit the TGV official website.

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  1. Blackswan

    This first time I went to an iMax was when my kid was just a young boy. I’m sure it’s a great experience. It’s nice to see some familiar faces here too 😀

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