Kulula Airlines Flight Review: It’s Fun!

Kulula Airlines or Kulula ( meaning in Zulu and Xhosa: It’s easy), is a South African low-fare airline, operating on major domestic routes in South Africa. I had the opportunity to experience yet another low-cost airlines on route to Cape Town few weeks ago and I would say this was one heck of a fun experience.

Green is the official color of Kulula air which is a subsidiary airlines of British Airways

The main fleet of Kulula Airlines are served by Boeing 737-800
the typical 3-3 seat configuration of Kulula Airlines for economy class cabin
The Fun Part of Kulula Airlines
Kulula Airlines sure knows how to make it fun by capturing pictures of their happy Cabin Attendant
The affordable purchase on-board food that cost about USD 4 (chicken sandwich and orange juice) with a fun tagline “I’m Tasty and I Know It”
Yet another tagline, “It’s so fresh, you can smell the farm it came from..hahaha Ok not really but you get the idea.”
First impression of Kulula Airlines? The airlines injected some fun atmosphere. The food was really fresh and affordable. The ticketing price was also cheap with check-in and baggage fees  included. Kulula Airlines is about 12 years old which is about the same as Air Asia. It is always ‘surprising’ that Air Asia imposes fees on every single service baggage fees and check-in fees. That is a very ‘cheap-skate’ business strategy trying to squeeze every single dime from us. One suggestion/recommendation for Kulula Airlines, is to include some products for in-flight shopping.

Overall satisfaction and rating, I would like to give a rating of 4 out of 5.

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