Lanseria International Airport of South Africa: A Review

Well I have never planned to blog about any airport that I have visited so far. However, there is always first time. That is Lanseria International Airport of Johannesburg, South Africa. It is a small privately owned airport currently undergoing renovation which caters for mostly domestic flight, an international flight and private chartered flight. In other words, Lanseria Airport is considered a low cost cargo terminal for budget airlines which are Mango Airlines and Kulula Airlines as well as Air Botswana. What really make me feel good about this airport are the amenities provided at the departure. Newspapers are given free for your own reading pleasure with free flow coffee and rooibos tea. Free 1 hour of fair usage wifi is provided at the departure hall. The atmosphere is also very relaxing. In my own experience, this is the one and only airport so far to have provided free coffee and tea. Of course I do not expect these kinds of facilities in any huge airport though but this is the first airport to be in my favorite list and ‘hope to return to’ airport.
spacious cosy sofas and chairs which makes the airport looks more like a cafe/hotel instead
that is not a free coffee booth but if you can get any snacks from there at a cheap price
Free coffee, tea, newspaper and wifi..what else do you need for a relaxing departure?

you can also get free coffee at the lower level of the departure hall and yes you can just bring your cup to your seat

two private jets waiting to take-off

this is one of the jet that I wish to fly one day via flying club..who knows it might happen in the future? fingers crossed
This is one cool private jet which is waiting for its passenger

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