Mango Airlines Flight Review: Why Not Today?

Mango Airlines SOC Ltd, known as Mango, is a state-owned South African low-cost airline which was founded in 2006 as a subsidiary of South African Airways. Mango’s main base is OR Tambo International Airport near Johannesburg. I have decided to test this low-cost airlines on the way back to Pretoria from Cape Town and I must say that I am surprised with the facilities provided by a low cost airline.
Orange is the official color of Mango Airlines
Typical 3-3 Seat Configuration of Boeing 737-800 series with in-flight entertainment, the Mango TV
Okay….here’s the main reason why I have chosen to try out Mango Airlines. They offered the first in-flight Wi-fi in South Africa which provides broadband internet access at 30000 ft. This is And it offers unlimited access at an affordable cost of 50 rands (USD 5). But to my disappointment, the flight which I have boarded JE704, is the one and only aircraft that does not have the wi-fi. That’s quite a bummer for me.
Catchy Tagline of Mango Airlines, “Why not today?”
Despite the disappointment of not being able to test the G-Connect Wifi internet above 30000 ft, t I am still satisfied with the overall flight experience. My friend did manage to try it and he told me that it was pretty awesome. The tagline itself is catchy and the facilities served on board and ease of check-in wass terrific for its affordable price. I will definitely fly on Mango Airlines again in the future for  the G-Connect Internet! but ‘Why not today?’ I will again, soon ~ 😀


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