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Last week, I had a trip to Surabaya for my friend’s wedding. Instead of purchasing an Airasia flight to Surabaya, I decided to fly on MAS this time..moreover, I’ve discovered a promotional ticket which costs me only RM591 (inclusive of Taxes and other surcharges) and a baggage allowance of 20kg…at that time, Airasia’s ticket was more expensive compare to this MAS flight.

As I was queuing up to board the flight, I noticed that there were many Indonesians boarding the flight (yea the flight’s fully booked due to Raya Haji balik Kampung), the MAS flight attendant told me that I’ve been upgraded to Business Class..I was like whoa..lucky! I’ve never expected any  free upgrade!.


Overview of the short haul Boeing 737 Business class seating..I guess most of you have seen this right? it’s just like the KL-Penang Super VIP Bus seats


Before the flight took off, a welcome drink was served in a glass with a coaster.

The seat was very comfortable and in addition to that, there’s no one seating beside me..haha for 2.5 hours.

Drinks were served on the side table cloth was laid on the doubleslide table..A cold towel was given as a facial refreshment with light meal menu..

Click to zoom the menu.

Satay with fried rice, prawns and avocado salad, blueberry cheese cake with raspberry sauce..and ferero roche choco were served as the in-flight light meal

Garlic bread was served half way as well. 

The pepper and salt were served in a bottle unlike the one we got on normal flight..packet salt and pepper..

Overall, the dining experience was great and the service was first class. Wine and some liquor were also served, although these are normal in a long haul economy flight. I would like to give a rating of 5/5 for Malaysia Airlines Business class..and thank you MAS for the free Business Class upgrade!

12 thoughts on “MAS Business Class

  1. Of Tr@vels, 3nvironment and bl@bl@bl@

    Kaykaygal: I nasib je..tak sangka2 tetiba dapat jer

    SC: Thanx 😀

    Knight: Actually i did nothing..summore i got a cheap ticket..just lucky as SC said

    Jam: Sometimes you need to compare with MAS..there are times where you can get a cheaper ticket compare to Airasia..

    William Choo: you can try your luck..hehe

  2. Kristin

    Wwoo.. The satay looks awesome. I have been on a MAS before. Hehe.

    Anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog =D Indeed abortion is bad but some guys never think about the side effect of it. haha

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