My First Airbnb Experience: Guides and Tips

My very first trip (Business trip) to Rio de Janeiro coincided with the World Cup 2014 season. Thanks to that event, hotel prices soared ridiculously to at least USD300 per night while most hostels offered about USD100 per night for just a bunk bed for at least USD100. Well, I wouldn’t mind paying USD100 for an accommodation but it’s a definite no way for just a bunk bed even with free breakfast provided. Finally, thanks to my friend’s recommendation, I have decided to search for accommodation through Airbnb. In short, Airbnb is a website for people to rent out their lodging and it is a home-stay experience for travellers instead of the conventional hostels and hotel. 
I was presented with a free Brasil T-Shirt during my arrival by my host

After much, consideration, I have finally decided to rent a room at the famous Copacabana beach. The room cost at USD139 (excluding Airbnb cleaning fees) 

With the cost of USD139, you will also be provided with toilet amenities, kitchens and the laundry usage as well. Free wifi connection was also available. However the availability of such amenities are subjected to the owner/landlord. 

that’s my Brazilian host family, Beth, Taue and cute Belinha the pet dog

My decision to choose this home paid off. I was warmly greeted by Beth Nunez the landlord/host and Taue, the son of Beth and of course Belinha the cute dog during my arrival. We have been communicating with each other even before my arrival at Rio. They provided tips during my stay at Rio de Janeiro as well as accepting my arrival even in the wee hours at 6am in the morning. The most important, I have made myself a Brazilian family. I had great times chatting with them and sharing experiences throughout my 9 days stay at Copacabana. And now I am already missing them. Hopefully in the near future, I will be able to meet up with them again.
Beth’s listing at AirBnB can be viewed here
Guides and Tips for using Airbnb to search for lodging:

  1. Be sure that the host’s email is verified. Be sure the name of the host is a real person’s name. Avoid nicknames used in the listing. 
  2. Look out for reviews by previous tenant (Even though during my first reservation, there wasn’t any reviews however after communicated with Beth, I have decided to perform the reservation since it is a family-owned property)
  3. Do check the types of cancellation allowed by the landlord. Certain cancellation, does not allowed any refunds while some landlords allow partial or full refund. Airbnb fees however will not be refunded.
  4. Check-in Time – Communicate with the landlord to enquire the check-in time. Certain landlords allow flexible check-in and check-out time.
  5. Types of amenities such as free wifi, laundry etc. depend on the landlord.
  6. Even though the percentage is low, always be cautious of cheating cases as well as theft and robbery.
  7. Use Airbnb at your own risks.

8 thoughts on “My First Airbnb Experience: Guides and Tips

  1. Diana Diane Teo

    I always wanna try Airbnb especially going to Western countries such as Europe and Australia. I heard Airbnb is much more better in Europe than staying in hotel or even hostel.

    Ur Brazilian host’s living room looks so cozy and nice. They were even so nice to give you free Brazil T-shirt. So lucky man!

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