One Day Kyoto Trip (Jan ’08)

Somehow I wanted to share with everyone on my one day winter trip in Kyoto Prefecture which was in Jan ’08. Kyoto’s been listed as one of the Unesco World Heritage Site with many old temples and monuments dated back hundreds of years old. Honestly, Kyoto is a place for those who loves ancient/historical landscapes in Japan. About an hour on train from Hyogo Prefecture, anyone living in the Kansai Region can have a visit to Kyoto. About 3 hours of bullet train (Shinkansen) for those who’s living in Tokyo. Ok enough about typings..Better to show you guys/ gals the photos.

Snowing at the Sanjusangendo (halls of 33 Buddhas)

A garden at Sanjusangendo

With Akihiro and Yuiko in front of the entrance to Kiyomizu dera

The famous POV of the Kiyomizu dera..This temple was a finalist for the new 7 wonders of the world.

Visitors drinking the ‘holy’ water for health

Kinkakuji (Golden Temple) and the Mirror Pond..the outer layers are gold plated

Another point of view

Another POVSuzaku (Phoenix) at the summit of the Kinkakuji

The original Zen Garden

Dunno what’s this called..

Reflections on the pond..very calm pond

Finally it’s night..this small river..look at the water can beat any river in’s so clean

Dinner with Akihiro, Yuiko and Adrian

P.S These photos are shot with my old and faithful but broken Sony DSC H-1

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