Penang Special: Asam Belai Restaurant

A new restaurant has opened up at one of the heritage house of Nagore Road, Georgetown, Penang. The name’s Asam Belai with its tagline ‘Seafood in your pot’. ‘Asam Belai’ is Chinese Northern Malaysian slanged Malay word for ‘Asam Pedas’. Literally, it is loosely translated into ‘sour spicy’. Asam pedas is a sour and spicy stew dish usually added with fish and pineapple. It is originated from the Minangkabau community and thus has been spreading across South East Asia particularly in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia. This Asam Belai Restaurant is the 2nd branch in Penang and is currently managed by its 4th generation proprietress which means, this restaurant consists of traditional family recipe secret. The 3rd generation, Mr. Lim is the head chef with more than 30 years of experience. Apart from the delicious



My 2nd visit: It was an honor for me to dine with one of the pioneer of food blogging, and mother of my friend, Ms. CK Lam of What2seeonline.

The Four Signature Dishes of Asam Belai

During our food tasting session with Kayabuttertoast,com , we were treated to their 4 special (and yes delicious) signature dishes. They are as follow:


Asam Belai Fish (types of fishes depend on fresh catch of the day)
Small (2-3 pax) – RM18.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM38.00


Kam Heong Squid
Small (2-3 pax) – RM12.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM28.00


Tom Yam Chicken
Small (2-3 pax) – RM15.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM35.00


Asam Shrimp
Small (2-3 pax) – RM12.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM28.00


Golden Crab Meat
Small (2-3 pax) – RM8.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM15.00


Special Order: Spicy Clam




Very rare in a restaurant, free drinks will be provided. At Asam Belai, free flow of water and chinese tea are provided free of charge.

Nice Heritage Environment


We visited Asam Belai during lunch time and it was full house. However to accommodate more Asam Pedas lover, a cosy full air-con 2nd floor is also opened to the customers.



Apart from the 4 specialty dishes, there are also other great and tasty dishes for your selection.


Seafood Asam Pedas


Asam Belai Fish (shark meat or ikan tenggiri)
Small (2-3 pax) – RM18.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM38.00



(Special Request) Seafood Asam Belai




Sour plum/belacan/tomato Fried Chicken
Small (2-3 pax) – RM12.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM28.00




Sambal Belacan (Lady finger/Brinjal/Kangkung
Standard – RM8.00


Sambal Belacan (Lady finger/Brinjal/Kangkung
Standard – RM8.00


Oyster Sauce Yiau Mak
Standard – RM8.00

Other Specialty 


Thai Style Tofu
Small (2-3 pax) – RM8.00
Large (5-6 pax) – RM15.00


**Special Request on menu is available based on at least 1-day advanced reservation  (Customers are allowed to bring their own catch (fish, prawn, crab etc) for the Asam Pedas cuisine) The price will be decided between customer and Asam Belai**


Crab Meat Cuisine is one of the special orders of Asam Belai.

The special distinct taste of the Asam Pedas and its other specialty dishes are unrivalled due to the family secret recipe. Try them for yourself if you do not believe it. Coupled with the heritage ambience, Asam Belai is a place for perfect lunch/dinner.

Address and Contact Person:

Ms. Vivian Lim (Director)

77, Nagore Road,
10050 Georgetown
Tel: +604-2263068

*Photos owned by Asam Belai are used with permission. Please obtain prior permission before using the photos.

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