Safari Experience: Day 1

After checking-in into the lodge, we headed for evening game drive. I am sure that most of you have been wondering what is ‘game drive’. ‘Game drive’ is a term used for wildlife watching from a vehicle usually from a car or a tall truck around the safari enjoying wildlife at its very own natural way. In my opinion, this is much better than watching animals or wildlife in an enclosed zoo.

Game Drive on a 20 seater truck with David as the driver (and also one of the ranger and son of the owner of Tshukudu Bush Lodge)

David demonstrated to us on detecting wildlife. Every major wildlife within jurisdiction area of Tshukudu game reserve is ‘tagged’ with an electronic device. David in this picture was trying to search for any elephants nearby. 
First sighting! A giraffe

by a lake where by crocodiles and hippos enjoy their daily bath and swim
We bought chickens to feed the crocodile

Finally, we have managed to spot the elephants! 3 of them. According to David, those three elephants are a family. The grandmother, mother and daughter. 

by the time, the day break dusk, we continued our ‘search’ for the lions. Fortunately, and finally, we have managed to locate them with 4 cubs. The cubs are newly born with about 2 months old. 

by the time the sun sets, I have managed to capture beautiful tree silhouettes

we returned back feeling satisfied and got the experience to learn some traditional drumming by the camp fire during dinner time.
If you happened to have brought along your tripod, this is a very good chance to capture the milky way. The skies in Tshukudu Bush Camp was extremely dark and clear which enabled us to view the stars. With a tripod and good DSLR, set your camera to 30 secs exposure with at least ISO3200. This photo was captured with my good ol’ Nikon D60.
Up next, day 2 aka the final day of Safari Experience promises more interesting photos and wildlife story.

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  1. Diana Diane Teo

    I just wanna say what Shirley said. Hahahha..Either like watching a movie, reading your post and looking at the photos, I thought I was reading Nat Geo magazine or even watching Discovery channel. Good catch for your photos!