Sponsored Article: Penang FOODelicious Exhibition 2014

The Penang FOODelicious Exhibition 2014 took place at the concourse area of Penang sPice Arena (formerly known as Penang International Sports Arena, PISA) from 5th to 7th of December 2014. There were at least 30 booths selling popular food products ranging from coffee to even cooking utensils.

PappaRich, a famous local coffee house chain has entered the instant coffee market with wide range of coffee products from Kopi ‘o’ to white coffee
Lim Wah Thai‘s new ‘Perfection’ White Coffee
New white coffee product by Chek Hup
Local drip coffee product by BRUkopi. I bought a pack of 4 sachet.
They are available at Penang’s Soul Cafe (Georgetown), De Fresh Coffee (Bayan Lepas and all ‘Who’s Bryan Outlet’ in Penang.
Indicate with their ever good taste Indonesian arabica coffee
I have heard about Agarwood tea but have not tasted before until  this event. Enquired about the information about this new tea and found out that food researched has been conducted to obtain nutritional information. The tea is definitely good however the price is a ‘lil steep due to new ‘technology’. Visit www.adorie.com.my for more information.
888 Tea and Coffee has also joined in the exhibition
 Soy Sauce
Sin Heng Lee Food Industries with its Apple Brand of Soya Sauce which has entered into Australian and Singapore Market. For wholesaler opportunity, please contact Mr. Teoh Khin Neng at 012-8811106 or visit www.sinhenglee.com
Health Food and Drinks
Albica Nature’s Gift Selling Detox drinks for your body.
Jasper Promonade promoting their Golden Buckwheat Edible Seaweed
‘Juice Me’ selling fresh cold pressed mixture of fruits and vegetable juices. I bought a bottle at RM9 to drink my way to health..hehe. You can find ‘Juice Me’ at www.juice.my or contact them at 04-2287300.
Herbalton Healthcare selling paste and ingredients for the infamous dish of Ipoh, the ‘Salt Chicken’
Yee Chian Haw selling health soup products
Sin Yan with the high end birds nest product with various flavors (Goji Berry, rock sugar and non sugar)
Sesame Oil
The legendary Ghee Hiang Sesame Oil company from Penang with their new packing
Ghee Hiang has also entered into the White coffee market by producing their own pure white coffee
A lesser known sesame oil company, LSH was also promoting their Extra Virgin Pure Sesame Oil
Lim Wah Thai
Lim Wah Thai was spotted promoting Penang Local Products with beautiful packagings such as Penang Peanut Cake/Cookies, Pepper Biscuits, Brown Honey Shat Kek Ma Biscuit (I never knew the real name until that day, hahaha)
Green Image Organic (Biogreen)
Green Image Organic promoting their organic light soya sauce
Tae Cho water filtration system with more than 10 filters and stones toward producing a nature quality drinking water for everyone
VWA Water Filtration system with Acidic and Alkaline level adjustment options from your water piping system
Snacks and Tidbits
For Pepero lovers and fans, introducing the latest Tiramisu flavor.
Pagoda groundnuts with their new packing
Tong Garden the company for marketing nuts products was also at the exhibition
Taiwanese sweets, snacks and tidbits
BB Squid Marketing promoting their squid and sotong products
Calton Marketing promoting their PAMA noodles as well as their latest collagen milk products
Daina chocolates with their wide range of chocos
Nanuri Foods promoting their seaweed products
Yee Chian Haw also marketed their special Fruit Vinegar products with a promotion of ‘buy 6, free 7’
Kitchen/Cooking Ware/Utensils
Oson promoting the health Korean Wok
IDEA HOM centre with their multifunction glass kettle
Korean brand, Primada juicer with their Hong Kong actress, Kiki Cheung as the ambassador
Sharp also promoting their latest microwave products
CP Hotel and Restaurants Supplies marketting cooking utensils and cutlery
At the end of the concourse, a huge board was prepared for visitors to mark their presence in this hugely successful event which will be back again next year.

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