The New Japan Airlines: A Flight Review

The last 2 times I flew with Japan Airlines were in the year 2008 and 2009. 5 years later in the year 2014, yet again I managed to obtain the opportunity to fly with the national airlines of Japan. 
one of the rebranding strategy was the logo, ‘arc of the sun’ and stork image inside with red as its color (a remodified 1959-1989 logo)

another new rebranding strategy is their economy class seat. I flew on the Boeing 767-300 aircraft with a 2-3-2 seat configuration
The new economy class seat offers 10 centimetres extra leg space with Hiroshi Abe (local artiste) as the Japan Airlines ambassador
The new in-flight entertainment system has also been upgraded from an 8 inches screen to 10 inches with the new MAGIC-V system, a USB port and a video input/output
The new MAGIC-V in-flight entertainment system is also accompanied by the JAL MOVE! New Sky Entertainment System
The new joypad is also accompanied with a mini keyboard as well as design different from the Singapore Airlines’ and Emirates Airlines’ design
Every two seats are provided with an electrical socket for laptops and other electronic/electrical appliances
Every travellers on-board be it economy, business or first class flight will definitely be looking forward to its in-flight meal.
Kuala Lumpur – Narita (Japan) Economy Class in-flight meal
For Kuala Lumpur – Narita (Japan) flight, chicken sandwich with rice cracker and orange juice were served as a supper
Omelette with ham and vegetables were served as in-flight meal breakfast
Narita (Japan) – Kuala Lumpur Economy class in-flight Meal
Chocolate Vanilla Cake with Vanadium Asahi Drinking Water were served as breakfast
Seafood meal was served as an in-flight lunch
Häagen Dazs Vanilla ice cream was also served as a dessert after lunch time
The new economy class in-flight entertainment system and its facilities are definitely a good upgrade. The in-flight meal was quite delicious but could be further improved in terms of its portion and taste. The new seating design offering 10 centimetres extra leg space was definitely a boon for many travellers. From my last flight experience in the year 2009 with Japan Airlines, the cushion seats could be improved. It seems as though the cushion padding were no better in the year 2009. Prolonged sitting has caused sores and pain and made it difficult for me to sleep comfortably compared to other airlines during an overnight flight. Hopefully the padding could be improved in the future flight.

5 thoughts on “The New Japan Airlines: A Flight Review

  1. Shirley Tay

    Unfortunately, I’m not a fan of JAL; I’d rather take ANA. Even my Japanese colleagues all avoid JAL. Maybe that’s why they were in the red sometime back……..

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