The New Singapore Airlines Business Class: A Review

The Singapore Airlines Business Class is a sought after travelling experience by everyone. Always known as the world’s best business class service awarded by Skytrax, even a reservation/purchase will at times put you in a waiting list. After reading reviews and much consideration, finally I decided to take the opportunity to reward myself for a business class flight, well by using my Krisflyer mileage points before deciding to redeem them for a return business class flight to Tokyo this August and next year.

Here we go, I have redeemed for flight from Frankfurt to Singapore after a successful business trip. A dream come true, this is my first ultra long haul business class flight (12.5 hours) on the Boeing 777-300ER after twice flying on medium haul business class flight on the Malaysian Airlines.

Before you board a business class flight, you will be invited to a Singapore Airlines Business class lounge or Krisflyer Partner lounge. In the lounge, you will get to indulge in various free flow cuisines, drinks, beers free of charge. Those lounge will be reviewed soon.


Upon boarding the flight, you will be greeted and served with a glass of champagne, wine or fresh pressed orang juice.


The new Singapore Airlines Business class seat spots a spacious 28-inch seat with fully customisable function. The seat offers two new seating positions which are the ‘Lazy Z’ position as well as the sundeck, position that extends the base and foot of your seat for maximum stretching. Actually this design itself resembles like a long haul first class seat of most other airlines.

There is side stowage and a deep ‘pocket’, specially designed to allow to conveniently reach for our laptops.

Each business class seat is divided by a ‘separator’ between each seat which provides much needed privacy. On each separator, there are three different lighting modes.

General reading light is also available on each seat.

At the side of each seat, you will be able to fully control the seat as well as pressing ‘Do Not Disturb’ button.


A complimentary sleeping mask, as well as socks and anti slip slippers were provided as an overnight kit.

Inflight Entertainment


The new Business Class inflight entertainment system provides Full HD 18 inches LCD screens.

For maximum movie experience on board, a noise cancelling headphones were provided by Phitek. I would say that this headphone performs up to its ability. It even provided me a near tranquil environment for a great sleep.

power, USB, eXport and HDMI ports. Each seat is furnished with a power output, two USB ports, an eXport for your iPod or iPhone and even a HDMI port. I should be bringing my HDMI cable to test and connect my Macbook in the next business class trip.

Each seat is equipped with a power output, two USB ports, an eXport for your iPod or iPhone and even a HDMI port. I should be bringing my HDMI cable to test and connect my Macbook in the next business class trip.

Transformable Seat


At night, if you wish to have a good sleep, the seat is transformable into a full fledge bed. When folded down, the new business class seat is 78 inches long and 35 inches wide complete with comfortable duvet, one big and small pillow each. You could event request for more pillows if you want more comfort.






The Lavatory

The business class lavatory is also awesome beyond expectation.The lightings create a relaxing ambience in the toilet.

Even the toilet cover was ‘covered’ and the floor itself is a carpet. Yes, a ‘carpeted’ toilet.

In comparison with the economy class toilet, the business class toilet provides real facial towel (cloth) instead of paper.

EDT and handcream were provided by Loccitane en Provence for the Singapore Airlines Business Class passenger. Singapore Airlines change the product every quarter of the year. This month itself are products from Miller Harris London perfumer.

Contrary to the economy class toilet, the toothbrush and toothpaste with higher quality were provided as well as shaver and shaving cream, sanitary napkin, comb etc with compliments from Singapore Airlines.

My Review

The Singapore Airlines Business Class has definitely set a benchmark against other business classes of other airlines. Lauded as one of the best airlines in the world and top 3 in the ranking, Singapore Airlines are a game-changer in luxury travelling as a 5 star airlines. The leg space for the bed was perfect and very comfortable. I had a really sound sleep with the effective noise cancelling headphone.

Overwhelming and exceeded my expectations on all aspects, these services would not be completed if without the wonderful, passionate and dedicated crew on the Business Class sector. Well this is a mission accomplished. Next mission – First class and Suite Class.

Up Next will be my review on the New Singapore Airlines Business Class Inflight Dining, ‘A Fine Dining Experience’ in the skies.

2 thoughts on “The New Singapore Airlines Business Class: A Review

  1. Shirley Tay (Blackswan)

    Congrats on your dream come true, Hong! I’m real happy for you. Hahaha! You’re like a big kid posing with all the crew. Hope you’ll have many more to come. Maybe we’ll bump into each other onboard next time. ^_^

    1. VVorld Post author

      Hi Shirley thanks a lot…well for sure one day we will bump into each other 😀 hope you’re get to fly on Suite class soon 😀

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