Tshukudu Game Lodge: A Safari Experience

Have you ever experience or wonder how it feels to stay in a traditional South African lodging in the middle of vast grass land ? Tshukudu Game Camp is the place for you! Built and constructed inside the 5000 hectares parameter of Kruger National Park, Tshukudu Game Lodge is one of the several lodge which has to adhere to environmental policy by constructing low environmental impact lodge using natural materials. During game drive, the rangers who are part of the lodge management and trained under the South Africa National Parks (SANParks) will provide environmental and wildlife education. Like all other game lodges, it is a family run lodge. Hotel chain or big hotel corporations are not allowed to operate any lodge as it is a practice by SANParks to provide concessionaires only to the local community which is a good practice towards sustainable park management.  

The typical traditional African structure. This is the self catering kitchen inside the bush camp. No breakfast will be provided in this section and own food must be purchase out of the bush camp before entering.

This was at the entrance of the game park which is guarded and fenced around the parameter
This typical traditional African structure houses 2 rooms. The area I am staying at is called Self Catering Bush Camp. Tshukudu have also provided more luxury packages and stay which is not far away from the bush camp
Upon entering the traditional house……
This is my room. The materials used to build this house maintains the temperature in the room. During the day time, it maintains the cool temperature and during cold night time, it maintains the warmth in the room
The rooftop was built using wood and bamboo twigs? or some other material. I am not so sure though
The toilet.. some of the toilet is built inside the room and some of the toilet is separate from the room. Be careful of your surrounding at night as you exit your room to go to the toilet. You might encountered a cheetah! ….
Bush camp walkway around to give you the feel that you are in the safari
An observatory deck across the lodge 
A very simple hanging bridge built mostly with simple material
A mini pool (large Olympic size pool is not allowed) is also constructed
The overall experience but since no wifi is provided in the bush camp section. However you can still get to access internet if you are subscribed to local telco service provider. EDGE and 3G are detectable in the middle of ‘nowhere’ in the pride lands. Up next, game drive experience in Tshukudu.

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  1. Shirley Tay

    I’m drooling at your travel post! I was booked on a flight to London/Rome on Oct 25, but had to cancel due to my son’s accident in Vietnam. Looks like I’ve to postponed for another year :<